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Curious where everyone has gone...

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It's useless to post names on here and get into old fights but I will say that I hope all that non-enthusiasm doesn't spread to too many other voters. Otherwise we'll be stuck for the rest of our country's short existence with Trump in the White House.

Mostly passing through. Definitely won't be here every day.


There seems to be an uptick in posting the last few days. That's an encouraging sign.


BTW, posting grotesque pictures of nearly naked women and labeling Mrs Gator Fan (or using any other poster's name) is another thing that turns people off on this forum.
First of all, it's just gross, but it also makes anyone with an opinion that might oppose yours reluctant to post on this place.
They don't want to take a chance on having their faces placed on a photo like that one.

It's offensive. It stifles conversation and chases people off.

Want to REALLY know where everyone has gone?
No, you don't really, because it involves several of the characters who are still here and it would take them looking in a mirror.
That ain't gonna happen.
It didn't happen on the PNJ and it isn't going to happen here either.


Touchy, touchy but It's not the picture of a nearly naked woman and I wasn't the one who first posted it. Rolling Eyes

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