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If a human being does not feel the human pain after viewing the first NC video.....they just lack empathy

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I came in after working the bobcat on shoreline improvements and fall grass seeding, and my wife was furious. I have never seen her this angry and hurt as she watched a wife plea for her husband's life. Her anger was about the still photos which were alleged to be a gun at the foot of the decedent, the new video clearly show no item was at the foot of the decedent. I hope these officers did not plant a gun on this victim. It is one thing to make a mistake in the moment, but if an officer planted a gun may he rot in hell. Rahm got reelected as Mayor of Chicago by intentionally hiding the video of a black man being executed by police, and the governor in NC is in a very close election....he is saying that the video will nto be released. Donald Trump is not the problem, Donald Trump is a symptom of our collective disease..


There is going to be violence in North Carolina tonight. It is obvious the Mayor and Governor are covering their asz rather than deescalating this tragedy. I watched for two days a still photo released by police showing a gun, and now we have a video showing no gun......I am sick to death of Hannity mocking this tragedy and the callous disregard for black and brown people on Fox News. This is a horrible tragedy.

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