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Bad things happen........a cool approach is necessary...we have a sociopath nominee

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PACEDOG#1 wrote:
2seaoat wrote:Morning Joe.......Republicans are flabbergasted that Mitt Romney is so incredibly stupid. Deeply unserious was a desperate response.......deeply unhonest..........Americans are looking for judicious President who can tell the truth, not this clueless flip flopping liar......can any American have any doubts about this man now.

Mitt Romney leads a counter demonstration at Stanford encouraging further war in Viet Nam.....he graduates and loses his student deferment and should have been available to be drafted, but he runs to France....not for a year....not for two years.......but for three years.......he has shown his character, repeatedly, and nobody is surprised when he shows his cowardly character. Mitt Romney is a coward and an evil person. Our brave patriots who are shining examples of American courage are not even in the ground and this POS is desperate to gain political advantage spews lies and inappropriate innuendo.......Mitt when this country needs you to have courage and support this country and the brave men and woman who have died in your place......please have the common decency to have discretion and wait to people are buried before you pull your usual routine.

Since you were of draft age during Vietnam, what did you do and do you have proof? For all we know, you were dodging the draft while chasing hookers and going to titty bars on Cervantes. I guess during the day you were building your fortune that allowed you to retire in your 50s and continually harass us here on the forum. Draft dodgers of your era are a dime a dozen. Draft dodger.

Of course what seaoat was or was not doing during the Vietnam war period does absolutely nothing to change the accuracy of his statement about Romney.
If you want to disagree with what he said you should at least address his statement rather than bringing in an attack on him to distract from what he stated.

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