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At Last A Florida Rep That the Whole Nation Can Praise and Respect

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Val Demings-D. Why does Shithole Floriduh try to hide her in the white shadows while they promote self serving, cracker, dick heads like Run Em' Over Ron DeSantis and she's 16, she's beautiful and she's my sex slave, Matt Gaetz. Watch her humiliate OSU Pedophile Enabler Jim Jordan. He should have kept his pedophile mouth shut. Twisted Evil

Floridatexan and zsomething like this post



Floridatexan and zsomething like this post


Demings has certainly been in the forefront of the news lately, and about time. LOVE watching her bash Jim Jordan, that arrogant piss pot of an ignoramus.

Wish the Justice Dept. could get going faster on the Gaetz investigation. Of course the longer it drags out, and the more protests Gaetz puts forth, the harder he'll fall.

Floridatexan, Telstar and zsomething like this post

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