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Watch Putin Praise His Favorite Useful Idiot and Puppet

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Yep. Putin's ex-KGB, he knows how to manipulate people. But you don't even have to be smart to know how to manipulate Trump. He's got a mental sickness and neediness that's like a bright red lit-up button with arrows pointing to it. Just flatter him and he'll do whatever you want. He has an easily-exploitable weakness, and all the other countries know it and know how to use it. Besides Trump's basic incompetence and stupidity, this pathetic craving for flattery is one of the most dangerous things about him.

If Kim Jung Un were smarter he'd just say "Donald Trump is smart and handsome" and Trump would not only let North Korea keep nukes, he'd give them our launch codes.



They both know how to jerk the most satisfaction out of their relationship.

Watch Putin Praise His Favorite Useful Idiot and Puppet    Cock-c10

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