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What's important: What you want to be true, or what's really true?

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It's clear now that the right has been conducting a war on facts for a long, long time. There's no question whatever that Trump's faithful basket of redneck deplorables could care less about science, intellectualism, or real news.

These folks believe in Trump. Period.

If Trump lies about helping the Russians get Hillary, it's ok.

If Trump denies the threat of global warming, it's ok.

If Trump favors corporate profit or public health, it's ok.

Consider, at this very moment, except for four or five Senators, all the rest of the republican senators are ready to vote for a healthcare bill that will raise premiums and deductibles for the middle and lower classes, and deny access to preventable healthcare to millions of poor Americans.

If Trump buddies up to the Saudis to get their assistance in fighting Iran, it's ok.

If a half dozen police who gunned down unarmed black suspects are found not guilty in trials prosecuted by the same attorneys who need police help in the building of cases, it's ok with Trump ... and ok with the deplorables also.

Consider: a sizeable proportion of Trump's hoards profess to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs and humans were living in the same neighborhoods. Really. Well, that's ok. Right?

Since Russia took over our government, every day that passes finds me more and more convinced that I have nothing whatever in common with today's conservatives. My side is human and theirs' isn't.

It's time red and blue got divorced!!



You're being a little harsh on Trump's base, aren't ya? A lot of them lack the critical faculties to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. They're none too bright to begin with and they distrust education so they remain ignorant.

Conservative intellectuals--now there's an oxymoron for ya'--like Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes are embarrassed by the guy. The base listens to Rush and watches the antics of people like Ann Coulter. They're the saps you see lined up in front of the Three-card Monte guy in big cities, making the same sucker-bet over-and-over again, sure they're gonna win this time.

Trump's motto is "Never give a sucker an even break, cause there's one born every minute."

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