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Whats going on in the "CARE" side of healthcare?

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or do we only want to always focus on insurance reform? I guess that would be less painful for some to just focus on that.

heres a good article of some things that's going on.

Meanwhile, more than half the doctors are working for hospitals and other institutions, rather than working in private practice. And as we have been reporting for quite some time, hospitals are using their new doctor employees to get more money out of Medicare. Even the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPac), the federal agency responsible for overseeing Medicare fees, has noticed — although belatedly — that hospitals can charge Medicare more for the same services than doctors can charge if they bill Medicare as independent practitioners. As reported in The New York Times: Medicare pays $58 for a 15-minute visit to a doctor’s office and 70 percent more — $98.70 — for the same consultation in the outpatient department of a hospital. The patient also pays more: $24.68, rather than $14.50. Likewise, the commission said, when a Medicare beneficiary receives a certain type of echocardiogram in a doctor’s office, the government and the patient together pay a total of $188. They pay more than twice as much — $452 — for the same test in the outpatient department of a hospital. (The test is used to evaluate the functioning of the heart.) -

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so doctors are going out of private practice and becoming employees of hospitals. basically this is creating large monopolies like I have been trying to tell you. but you only care about the insurance.

at some point we should take a look at these ACO's. I have been following them at work, this was a experiment obamacare took because they want to change the way healthcare providers get paid, they are trying to go away from the fee for service model. aint workin.

Now you can go on and on about how obamacare is successful all you want because you think you have something. You have nothing really except a bunch of mangled laws until care is given to all those people you wanted to have access to.

and this is just one of the problems that are occurring in healthCARE.

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