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Waaa Waaaaaa Speaker of House wants to form another house committee to question FBI director

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Ryan known for his moral compass.......has decided that they now face a candidate cleared of criminal innuendo must now focus on the use of a non government server as bad was not. Nor has his congress which is completely under his control passed legislation which would restrict the use of private is simple.......quit wasting time.....if a private server is improper......pass the law, but then that would be doing your job, and after getting their head handed to them by the FBI which clearly stated there was no criminal intent, he needs to question the FBI director to get a sound bite, or to create the illusion that there ever was a reason to waste millions and divert committee time from governing to propaganda time.......the Republican party is rotten to the core.


SOS Clinton and those who came before her were sloppy with secured email transmissions. Please show me where any credible source shows that any of the clinton servers were breached. Nothing. Can anybody with certainty say that the State Department servers have not been breached? I could use the operative word......they could be Speaker of the house wants to make a commercial for the political season, so he will have another committee, but I would love to cross examine the FBI director after the Republicans had created their political ad. Director, are you 100% certain that the State department Email has not be hacked. Are you 100% certain that the Clinton servers have been hacked. So you have zero evidence that they have ever been hacked, and you admit the state department email servers could be hacked.......No further questions.

Is it not correct director that SOS Clinton believed she had no classified material on her server. Can you show this committee an actual email which clearly she had knowledge that it was classified and then she lied.......

Thank you director.......end of story......both campaigns have their political ads, because this is what it was all about, yet in the interim valuable committee time to address real American problems and valuable resources were flushed down the toilet...shame.



Monday, Republicans claimed the FBI director was an unimpeachable paragon of virtue whose judgement they demanded the AG accept and validate.

Yesterday, Republicans claimed he was a co-conspirator.

It's enough to give you whiplash.



It never ends.

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