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A question for right-wingers, teabaggers and republicans

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

Donald Trump spent his whole unusual republican presidential campaign
with almost a single message. That China was taking advantage of us.

And now Obama has unleashed his Justice Department on China and pledged to start putting a stop to it.

So where are Karl Rove? And Fox News? And Sean Hannity? And Limbaugh? And all the other right-wing opinion makers? Why are they not joining with Obama to champion what he's doing? Hannity and Limbaugh and Rove and all the rest were yelling "halleluia" when The Donald was running his mouth about it. But now that Obama is actually doing something about it, why are they silent?

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

I'll go ahead and answer my own question.  It's because policy no longer matters.  Ideology no longer matters.  Goals no longer matter.
We have a totally dysfunctional government.  It doesn't want to accomplish anything.  All it wants is two things.  One,  to have two political parties be at war with each other.  And two,  let that be the sideshow that perpetuates career politicians in office.
And it works.

A question for right-wingers,  teabaggers and republicans West-bend-78002-2-slice-pop-up-toaster-commercially-rated-120v

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

How naive.  lol

Obama and the democrats have the same motive Trump and the republicans had.
It's all just another PR move to make a gullible American public think these politicians and billionaires are doing something worthwhile for them.

Suckerzzzz. lol

A question for right-wingers,  teabaggers and republicans Toaster

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