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Go Charlie!!

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1Go Charlie!! Empty Go Charlie!! 10/26/2013, 10:29 am



Soon, we Floridians will put the "Rick Scott Experiment" to rest.
Charlie is back!! Read more:
I actually liked Charlie, even before he became a RINO. lol
It was despicable how the GOP turned on Charlie Crist. He was well liked, and had done a good job. Alas, he ran for Senate during when what I call the 'black guy hysteria' was going strong in FL, and Charlie was not conservative enough. At the same time, Our Honorable Governor Rick "The Fraud" Scott was busy buying his way into the office while running against Obama. It worked. All the scary 'what the black guy is gonna do' rhetoric had taken hold of all the elderly in this state, Scott won, and Crist lost to Rubio. (Wow, what a good job Junior Senator Rubio (R) has done---utterly silent though since the shutdown crash-and burn--he is laying low right now) Since Floridians have gotten to know Rick a little better, his approval ratings have dropped accordingly. He is 'one-and-done.'
Go Charlie!!
Crist 2014

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