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Finally Rep King called Cruz and Paul RINOS

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Peter King is not always my favorite guy, but he finally is saying what most Republicans have not been saying because of fear of primaries. They are calling these radical interlopers RINOS, which is exactly what they are. In the clutches of doublethink, the RINOS and interlopers have over five years tried to convince traditional republicans that if they do not walk lock step in crazy, they were RINOS, finally Peter King is speaking out for traditional Republicans, and sanity may be returning to the party.


As the poll numbers are coming is a matter of survival for representatives from contested districts.



America needs more Peter Kings to stand up and speak out against the Teahadists. . .


He is trying to solidify the crazy base to carry him in the primaries. He is toast. People are legitimately pissed at his game.


10 to 1 that Peter King is going to be on one of the Sunday morning shows.......should be interesting.

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