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President ZERO

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26President ZERO - Page 2 Empty Re: President ZERO on 8/3/2012, 2:01 pm


Dreamsglore wrote:
Markle wrote:
Dreamsglore wrote:
nochain wrote:
Dreamsglore wrote:Obama 4 more years! Yay!

Only an ultra-liberal lunatic would cheer failure.....

Contrare-he's been a very successful President considering the circumstances. It's not our fault you refuse to give credit where credit is due.

Please look this over and let me know what President Barack Hussein Obama successes I missed.

President ZERO - Page 2 Obama-results3162012

It's truely a waste of time going over all this again. You wouldn't give him credit for anything even if he cured cancer.

The rhetoric and ranting from here on out is not even credible...the economic record of the COWH is clear....the policies of the COWH are clear...the management/leadership (orlackthereof) is clear...No matter the spin no matter the blaming of others...This record of failure belongs to the COWH and yes.....HE BUILT IT!!!...He's responsible and should be held accountable...For four years in office....two of which his party controlled both the House and Senate and these are the results?...NOW he says there are too many people out of only took four years for him to learn that?...Instead of globetrotting bowing and apologizing for America perhaps he'd have been better served taking care of America!... He's a disgrace to the office and a failure....the facts are the facts...

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