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What Will It Take for the GOP to Abandon Trump?

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By Dan Rather, Dan Rather's Facebook Page
23 July 17

You get the feeling that this Russia story is a huge iceberg of which we are only seeing the tip, bobbing above the surface of public disclosure. Meanwhile, lurking beneath, is bombshell after bombshell that threatens to severely cripple if not sink the USS Trump.

The question is what will all the Republican politicians do who booked passage? Will they head for the lifeboats or try to hope that it doesn't sink?

Today's breaking news is huge - suggesting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke with Russian officials about policy matters during the campaign, when he was an advisor to Mr. Trump. This stands in stark contrast to his testimony under oath. At this point, Mr. Sessions and his constant need to correct the record, have lost all credibility. How long will his former GOP colleagues in the Senate, for example, stand by him? What will it take them to say it is time to abandon ship?

Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intelligence intercepts show (link at site)

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We won't abandon Trump like you wouldn't abandon Obama.

PeedawgOG wrote:We won't abandon Trump like you wouldn't abandon Obama.

You are pathetic, and if I'm not mistaken, living on borrowed time.

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