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Felony to annoy a cop

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1Felony to annoy a cop Empty Felony to annoy a cop 6/12/2013, 9:49 am



“too many people in our society have lost the respect they need to have for a police officer” –

2Felony to annoy a cop Empty Re: Felony to annoy a cop 6/12/2013, 10:45 am



I'm overdue for arrest then because my "ex to be" is a cop.

3Felony to annoy a cop Empty Re: Felony to annoy a cop 6/12/2013, 12:08 pm


The law as written fits existing misdemeanor statutes.  Why is this being elevated to a felony status?   I will be challenged.   Politicians have written the statute books which have doubled in size in the last 30 years, because they want to get good law and order folks voting for them.....but when they finally come and arrest our dumb asz.......maybe we will begin to realize the entire criminal justice system has to be downsized, and taken apart from its current deployment.   The drug war must end.   Our jails must hold violent offenders not the dopes and mopes.......and the people of this country must take it back.

4Felony to annoy a cop Empty RUSH HOUR RAMBO 6/13/2013, 7:11 am




     I used to wonder why so many people hated police. I assumed it was mostly the part of society that believe the rules do no apply to them ! I worked construction for many years and as you might guess. Lots of hard heads!
While running errands at the ebb of rush hour on Navy blvd. amid numerous patrol cars looking for speeders.

     A outrageously fast police car APPEARED a scant few feet from my bumper with all his light and whistles and stuff SCREAMING! Going for my license and papers I noticed the officer slowly get out of his vehicle and in the best image of 'Smokey and the bandit" saunter up to my vehicle and Accuse me of "RUNNING THAT STOP SIGN" !
     Apparently my objection that I had not run any stop sign, must have offended his nicely pressed costume, expensive shades, array of badges and doo dads, tacky plastic belt and shooting iron !!
     Angrily he assured me he had a video of the dastardly deed! Unfortunately I discovered my drivers license had expired when I was not looking ! This was such a terrible offense, the lady at the court house informed me it had been written up as a "CRIMINAL OFFENSE" and I would have to go to court as opposed to paying a fee to have the charge dropped !

      On a hot summer morning this seventy year old navy veteran and person of excellent character and intent was Instructed to abandon his vehicle on the side of the road, and walk home, some two miles, in the heat with a bag of groceries ! Had I not been suffering from poor circulation in my feet, the trek would not have been so painful !
      I had not walked two hundred feet and heard another siren! Did not look back, the idiot had stopped the very next person down the road ! I suspect in his enthusiasm by the end of the day he probably gave everyone in Pensacola a ticket !

     Life is full of unfortunate circumstances we have little control over. Being victimized by the very people that are supposed to "Protect and Serve" is a sad joke on society.

     Unfortunately there is no way citizens can get these psychopaths off our streets and out of our pockets, along with a INFLATED, over budgeted legal system !

CARMA-Some idiot will probably give him the same treatment in HIS senior years...:-)

5Felony to annoy a cop Empty Re: Felony to annoy a cop 6/14/2013, 10:09 pm



PACEDOG#1 wrote:I'm overdue for arrest then because my "ex to be" is a cop.

Another woman kicked you to the curb? I can't imagine why? LOL!

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