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Big Announcement at 8pm central time- Here it is!

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or round or whatever.

Its big! Neither that sorry local paper or ch 3 knows...yet.

Bigger than Q Studer! Bigger than the Maritime Park!


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The woman said let's go for a drive. Where to I said? Tampa Florida she said. Great, lets go! Hopped in the car and took off. Had a lovely time. We stopped at "publix" in Zephyrhills and bought a few lottery tickets.

Yes, "that" ticket.

After taxes, it comes out to 375 million & change. Keep the change kind cashier lady!

Gotta turn that ticket in soon and invest that moo la. I always wanted a BMW!

I dont know if any here remember me saying at the pnj forum, If I won the mega lottery, I'd start a new local paper to compete against them pnj idiots. Yep, Were getting a new newspaper here. Conservative not like that pansy pnj bullshit of a liberal paper!

Of course we'll have a "forum" too. lol.

The paper will be built IN THE COUNTY, not in that stoopid local city.

I ordered Hallmark2 the limited Blue Wahoo bike. Enjoy!

Big Announcement at 8pm central time- Here it is! 0503_h10

Stay tuned for more...




I'm all about good news and it sounds like a time for you to feel quite pleased.

Mazel Tov....



Damn I like that bike. Beep Beep You MFer'

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