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Recreation of how the big conspiracy was pulled off.

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

POTUS: So, thus far we have decided to fly an airliner into each of the WTC towers, after which we will have them collapse using an incendiary which has never been used in demolitions before. Is there anything else we need to do?

VPOTUS: Yes, we need to strike something else otherwise the sheeple will never believe that it was a terrorist strike.

NSA: Why the hell not? After the second plane hits, everyone will think that it was a terrorist attack. Why make the plan even more complicated?

VPOTUS: Shut up, Condi, this is man talk. We know what we are doing.

SECDEF: I've got one! Why don't we fly a plane into the Pentagon? It is one of the most important and recognizable structures in the world. Plus, it is the headquarters of the military. I even work there myself. Nobody would believe that we actually did that.

POTUS: That sounds great, Rummy! That is why my dad made me appoint you SECDEF.

VPOTUS: It is pretty good. I've got an ever better one. Why don't we just pretend that a plane hit the Pentagon? We can fly a plane painted to look like a commercial airliner straight towards the Pentagon and pull up and over it at the last second. We will then have bombs explode at exactly the right moment causing a bunch of damage. The fireball will also disguise the flyover.

NSA. Dick, that doesn't makes any sense. Why don't we just fly a plane into the Pentagon like we're doing at the WTC? That way we can ensure that eyewitnesses report that a plane flew into the Pentagon. We also don't have to worry about planting evidence.

SECDEF: Condi, you're just a woman, you don't understand how things work in the real world. The flyover idea is a great one, I wish I came up with it myself. It will be very easy to convince eyewitnesses into believing a plane hit the Pentagon using some sort of magic trick. And you forget, we are all powerful, it will be easy to plant physical evidence that fits the story of a plane hitting the Pentagon. We even have a deep cover cab driver that we can use.

NSA: I am sorry, I still don't understand why it wouldn't be easier just crash the airplane into the Pentagon.

VPOTUS: Come on, don't you know the first rule of covert conspiracies? The more complicated and convoluted, the better. Plus, we don't have the budget to destroy another plane after crashing the two into the WTC, plus buying all that thermite.

NSA: Come on, that is crazy. What do you think, Mr. President?

POTUS: Well Condi, I don't know. You make some good points. But so do Dick and Rummy. I just can't make up my mind. Maybe I should call my Dad and ask him.

POTUS' Father: Hello?

POTUS: Daddy, it is Junior. I have a question for you.

POTUS' Father: Yes, what is it?

POTUS: Well, you know that false flag terror operation that we are running in September?

POTUS' Father: Yes, what about it?

POTUS: Well, after we fly the planes into the WTC, we want to hit the Pentagon also to make the whole thing look more believable.

POTUS' Father: That that sounds like a good idea, Junior.

POTUS. Well, Dick and Rummy think that it is a good idea to fake the whole thing. They want to have a plane fly towards the Pentagon and then fly up and over it at the last second. The plan is to fool all the eyewitnesses using a magic trick and then fake all the physical evidence. Condi think that it would be a better idea to just fly a plane into the Pentagon.

Former POTUS: Junior, what did I tell you after I got you appointed to this office? Listen to whatever Dick and Rummy tell you to do. They know what they are doing. Who cares what Condi says, she is just a woman.

POTUS: OK, thank you Daddy.

POTUS: Alright folks, you all heard what my daddy said. We are going to fake the Pentagon plane crash. Condi, I don't want to ever again hear about how this is a bad idea. As a reward, you can have Colin's position after we make him resign. Understood, everyone?

NSA: Yes, Mr. President.

VPOTUS: Yes, Mr President.

SECDEF: Yes, Mr President.

POTUS: Alright, lets get to work, we have to figure out how we are going to pull off this magic trick and plant all the physical evidence.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

VPOTUS: Now, we've also got to handle the fact that inevitable a small group of people will arise who know the Truth about 9-11--lets call them the understanders--

POTUS: Misunderstanders you mean?

VPOTUS: Let's just call them Truthers for now. We have to subvert them somehow. I know; lets make sure that all the initial Truthers are anti-semitic nutbars. Then the second wave will be apparently credible but if you Google their claims you'll find out that they're easily disproven.

POTUS: And the fourth wave?

VPOTUS: Third, Mr President. Our current program is to make them all teenage boys with acne and black shirts--easily demonized.

POTUS: So when do I get to declare mission really accomplished?

VPOTUS: When the final Truther is in custody and we can begin putting the FEMA death camps into operation. (aside) I love the smell of guillotine presses in the morning!

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

POTUS: Don't forget those files in WTC7!

POWELL: Ah, don't worry, I'll transfer them over to our systems.

POTUS: No, what will be better is if we rely on the chance that the WTC collapse will cause enough damage to WTC7 that the all the firefighters around will believe it is coming down. We might even get some fires!

POWELL: That's it, I'm supporting Obama.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

The White House Tapes

Well, Mr President, I think I've come up with the causus belli you wanted. Let's trick the public into thinking that terrorists have flown planes into the Twin Towers.

Great! That'll get the public on our side!

No it won't.

It won't?

No, we did a poll. Apparently the public won't be willing to go to war unless the towers ... 'scuse me, I have this in my notes ... ah yes ... unless the towers "collapse symmetrically into their footprint at near free-fall speeds".

What does that even mean?

We don't know for sure, but we've got the guys at NIST working round the clock to find out.

Okay, so let me get this straight. We hijack the planes, we crash them into the Twin Towers ...

No we don't.

We don't?

We want the public to think that planes have hit the towers. I don't see how planes actually hitting the towers would give them that impression. No, we'll use holograms or missiles disguised as planes or something.

OK, I'm getting the picture now. So, we hijack the planes, we hide them somewhere, we project holograms of planes hitting the towers, we do this "symmetrical collapse" thingy --- how do we do that, by the way?

There are several options. Some people say that we should use some sort of death-ray, but me, I want to use good old-fashioned explosives.

What's wrong with the death-ray?

It doesn't exist. So, I suggest that we inconspicuously wire the buildings with high explosives ...


Yeah. It's OK, I asked Silverstein's permission.

You ... you asked his permission?

I thought it was only polite. Actually, he was very enthusiastic. He says can he personally give the order to blow up WTC 7, he thinks it's ugly.

Sure, why not? Heck, he can have the architect whacked too for all I care.

And he wants to brag about his role in the conspiracy on television.

No problem ... oh, hang on, remind me. The planes are meant to hit WTC 1 and 2, yeah? Why are we blowing up WTC 7?

We did a survey asking people whether the total destruction of two world-famous skyscrapers 110 storeys tall would impress them any, and 57% replied "Not unless a 47-storey building I've never heard of collapses at about the same time".

Fine, democracy is about giving the people what they want. So, to recap: we plant explosives in the Twin Towers, WTC 7, and any other structure that Larry Silverstein has a grudge against, we hijack some planes, we hide them, we project a hologram of the planes hitting the towers, Larry blows up the towers, he might need some firemen to help him, make a note of it ... and then we pin the blame on the Iraqis. Yes?

No, we blame a bunch of Saudis.

Geopolitics always gets me confused. Why do we blame the Saudis?

Well you see ...

[At this point, the tape becomes completely inaudible for about thirty seconds.]

Oh I see! Well, if that don't beat all for cunning. So, we plant the explosives, we hijack the planes, we hide them, we make with the holograms, Larry Silverstein blows up the towers, we pin the blame on some Saudis ... and then we invade Iraq?

No, then we invade Afghanistan. The reason is complex, so I wrote it down on this bit of paper.

Now where are my glasses? ... OK, let's have a look.

[Sound of pages turning.]

Mmm ... mmm-hmm ... my word, I never knew that about camels, good grief, you live and learn ... yes, you've hit the nail on the head there. Afghanistan it is, then. And you're sure no-one will ever find out about this?

With respect, Mr President, I'm sure that lots of people are going to find out about this.

And what are we going to do about that?

We're going to close our eyes and wish real hard that by some wild coincidence no-one who suspects the truth will have the expertise necessary to prove it.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

George: OK, I am following you on this whole wiring the three buildings for explosives, err... termites...

Anonymous aid: Thermite, sir.

George: Err, thermite. What is this third building again?

Dick: That is World Trade Center 7 George.

George: But why? Oh, nevermind. Anyway, so we are shooting a cruise missile into the Pentagon too. Well I understand how we can pay people off to say they saw a plane, oh a hundred or so. Government employees will do anything for money and a good yearly evaluation, but how are we going to prevent witnesses from seeing the missile that we can't control. I used to be in the Texas Air National Guard, and I am pretty sure that missiles don't look anything like commercial airliners.

Don: We got that covered, sir.

George: You do.

Don: Yes, we have deep cover COINTELPRO operatives in place already. We call it Operation SLC. We are going to pay people to post comments in blogs and YouTube videos...

George: What is YouTube?

Don: It is something Al Gore is working on. Anyway, quit interrupting... This will be making fun of people who think a missile hit the Pentagon and who find out other parts of the operation.

George: You are going to make fun of them? Couldn't we kill them, send them to Alaska or something?

Don: No, we think making fun of them will be enough. It is pretty much what Stalin did to his political enemies.

George: Uhh, OK.

Dick: Tell him about the other part...

Don: Oh yeah, and we also figure out that people will figure out that the towers collapsed just like those buildings you see being demolished in Las Vegas. So we are going to discredit them by infiltrating their ranks and spreading goofy theories.

George: Goofy theories.

Don: Yeah, it is called Operation Wood...

George: Operation Wood, I think I saw that on Pay-per-view at this hotel in Houston once...

Don: Well it is named after this college professor we recruited... Well, nevermind... Anyway we will try and make them think that we blew up the towers with a Star Wars Death Ray.

George: Death Ray?

Don: Yeah, I saw it on the Discovery Channel once. So what we do is...

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

George: Ok, so when it comes time to invade Iraq, we go with the WMD thing right?

Dick: Yes, we just make the accusation.

George: Why not plant some mustard gas shells, or better yet, fire some off at our troops?

Rummy: Don't make this complicated, the accusation will do just fine.

George: But if we are going to go to all this trouble, why not just complete our story?

Dick: Didn't you learn anything from your father, never finish the story, leave it open ended. That way the world can vilify us after a few years.



I see you're breaking down Bob. Yes go toward the light. Take the red pill.


I think Bob has inside information.........look out for the drones.........

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

Actually all the credit for this goes to the really smart and creative people at the JREF (James Randi Educational Forum) forum. The best source of information for 9/11 conspiracy truth (and all other skepticism). And that's the actual truth, not the conspiracy "truth". lol



2seaoat wrote:I think Bob has inside information.........look out for the drones.........

Is it early release from Lakeview today?....



Bob wrote:Actually all the credit for this goes to the really smart and creative people at the JREF (James Randi Educational Forum) forum. The best source of information for 9/11 conspiracy truth (and all other skepticism). And that's the actual truth, not the conspiracy "truth". lol


Dang it Bob . . . . . I was reading your thread and got to this one where you actually got this dialogue . . . . . . I was gonna suggest you become a writer for SNL and then you fessed up!




9/11 was,is and will always be an inside job and this video proves it!

57 minutes of good faith attempt to watch a video, and it is disjointed attempts to prove a grand conspiracy.....and it was laughingly inadequate.........bush was far from perfect, yes the WMDs were never found, and the building sure did collapse in a hurry......what does that and the price of Corn Flakes have to do with an inside job.......absurd jumps from disjointed facts into theory.........sorry the logic is so woefully deficient it is hardly worthy of a discussion. If there was a conspiracy it was at the level of Bin Laden......the rest is fantasy and illogical conclusions from bits and pieces of evidence which somehow get extrapolated into some coherent paradigm......the video proves nothing.

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