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American Exceptionalism...the right to kill anyone anywhere and get pissed off when they kill back...

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I admit that I shudder at a world full of liberals. They seem so naive and trusting in the the power of government BUT I am terrified of a world of conservative neocon types that not only trust in government but believe it is an extension of god himself raining fire and death upon anyone they feel doesn't want to kiss American MIC ass and grovel at their feet. Those small brained twits that think that by kissing Zionist Israel's ass they will get brownie points with god....Can there be any more deceived, depraved and destitute of Christian principles on the earth ? In Vietnam I was shocked when shells came raining down around me and I realized those people there on the beach wanted to turn me into a pink mist. I now realize that they not only were morally right to do so but I was morally wrong to be there and deserved whatever bad happened to me. Likewise in Afghanistan and Iraq. Those war weary people are the true heroes, fighting defending their country from pompous, murderous and greed driven aggressors . Our drone pilots are drones themselves void of any human compassion or moral permission and the snipers we so revere are little better...Cops that hide behind officer safety are no better either. They shoot to death a fleeing handcuffed suspect on the grounds that if he got away he might hurt a cop somewhere. Or trigger happy cops that shoot up a couple trucks like idiots and yet receive not even a reprimand for their dumbassed behavior. Our country is beyond help and the very thing you worship and trust, both liberal and conservative will ultimately destroy not only you but most likely your children....

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