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Fixing Freedom

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1Fixing Freedom Empty Fixing Freedom 12/17/2012, 12:07 pm


In a discussion with a forum member last night, I finally came to the crux of why this shooting happened: freedom.

It isn't the obvious freedom of carrying guns, it is another important one.

In decades and centuries past anyone with mental health issues was either killed, hidden or locked away.

In just our lifetimes, we have chosen to honor freedom to individuals through IDEA which ensures public education in the least restrictive environment. We have come to realize that almost everyone is educable and has a place in society, and this is a very good thing.

But just like the freedom to bear arms, the freedom to be educated and part of society itself can be a risky and dangerous.

Ridding society of guns and people with health issues (and there is no difference between mental and physical health) is not the answer; it is how we manage it as we, in good intent, exercise those freedoms. We are going to have our hands full figuring this out.

2Fixing Freedom Empty Re: Fixing Freedom 12/17/2012, 12:10 pm



True freedom is inherently dangerous...the freedom to eat all the ice cream you want has made a lot of people fat.

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