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Harris Tops DeathSantis in 2024 Polling!

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Monkeys is da' kraziest' people!

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A Republican-leaning friend of mine almost got in a fight with a dude about a week ago because he somebody he was out to dinner with said, "I think DeSantis would make a good president." Luckily everybody else at the table shouted the damn fool down so my friend didn't have to tear into him. Even a lot of Republicans can see what a crazy fascist DeSantis is. Dude's trying to ban books and stop students from studying history, and make people sign loyalty oaths to the Republican party to get jobs... that spooks even a lot of Republicans.

DeSantis fans are so excited by having someone tell them what to do that they have no idea how little that appeals to normal people. DeSantis is really popular with sycophants, but most of the country hates the sumbitch. He's more dangerous than Trump. Trump doesn't really have an ideology -- he'll just say whatever makes people clap for him, because he wants adulation. DeSantis doesn't care if he's liked or not -- he just wants to be a dictator. And he's smarter about how to do it. Trump just bumbles into things because he's a puppet to his own narcissism, but DeSantis is bone-deep evil, and calculating.

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