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Matt Gaetz Flees Florida Shit Hole. He Marries In California.

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Former Rand Paul staffer presides over surprise ceremony.

The Republican Florida congressman Matt Gaetz eloped to southern California on Saturday, in order to marry Ginger Luckey in a small ceremony on Catalina Island.

The couple had said they would marry next year.

Gaetz, 39, is under investigation as part of proceedings that led to the arrest of a close friend, Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector in Seminole county, Florida.

Greenberg pleaded guilty in May to six federal crimes, including sex trafficking of a child, identity theft, stalking, wire fraud and conspiracy to bribe a public official.

His plea agreement with prosecutors requires continued cooperation with an ongoing investigation into sex trafficking.

Gaetz was not mentioned in Greenberg’s plea agreement. But Greenberg’s cooperation could play a role in an ongoing investigation into Gaetz’s alleged pay-for-sex relationship with a 17-year-old girl. He has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

Gaetz announced his wedding on his personal Twitter page, writing “I love my wife!” along with a photo, he in a sport coat, she in a white dress.

Vanity Fair reported that Sergio Gor, a former staffer for Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, performed a ceremony attended by about 40 people.

Luckey, 26, is from southern California and works for a company that focuses on extending the life of products made from plant-based materials.

Gaetz was in Iowa on Thursday with the Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, as part of a national tour in which they falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and downplay the Covid-19 pandemic.

No word if Boy "Nestor" from Cuba was the best "man."

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I wonder if "Ginger Luckey" is her stripper name.

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The creepiest thing about this to me is that Gaetz asked for Trump's blessing to get married. Imagine thinking you have to ask some uninvolved third party's blessing? I mean, not the girl's parents or anything... just freakin' Donald Trump. That's 'bout as prideless-suck-up-subordinate as beta-ing gets. The Trump cult is very, very weird.

It also appears that this is a marriage of convenience, because it looks like Luckey had some evidence in Gaetz's pedophilia case, but if she's married, she won't have to testify against her "husband." How conveeeeeenient.

Anyway, I'm pleased the Republicans have a guy like Matt Gaetz as their posterboy. I couldn't dream up greater harm for 'em. He's got "creepy, sociopathic, and corrupt" covered, while Gohmert 'n' Boebert 'n' Greene have "stupid as hammered fuck" firmly nailed down for 'em. That's branding! Smile

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