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Lumon May shows his true colors again

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Seaoat and I would be going another round and then some after reading the latest example of Escambia County Commissioner Lumon May's nasty behavior:

Childers: Commissioner overheard making 'offensive' sexist comments about county clerk

Someone who obviously feels as I do posted video from the traffic stop Seaoat and I argued about back then, showing May hatefully disrespecting a female LEO, and I inserted today the following comment on the article.  Read "some folks" in my comment as meaning Seaoat, rest his soul, who was hard headed as they come in defending almost any behavior he personally deemed justified, even when it clearly wasn't:

Very glad Daniel_B. posted that link.  I was excoriated and called racist by some folks at the time for expressing my disgust with Lumon May's attitude and behavior toward the female LEO who stopped him back then.  I said then and repeat now that I'm ashamed to have such a person as a commissioner in my county, and that I feel sorry for his family because this kind of behavior almost certainly repeats at home.
I have very little doubt that what was overheard this time was true, because it absolutely fits.  He's a tiny minded, overbearing, misogynistic bully, pure and simple.  Hope the people in his district finally get wise and vote him out next time.  Too bad they have to wait so long.

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