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The only thing crazier...

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1The only thing crazier... Empty The only thing crazier... 6/4/2021, 1:33 pm


... than Trump is the fact that a lot of the GOP still doesn't recognize that he's crazy, and the whole damn party's become crazy. They have become so steeped in insanity and paranoia that there's almost no level of apeshit that they haven't normalized at this point.

First, the fish rots from the head down:

A conservative writer has confirmed a report that former President Donald Trump is telling associates that he expects to be reinstalled as president this summer.

The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling,” National Review senior writer Charles C.W. Cooke wrote on the magazine’s website.

Cooke said “an array of different sources” confirmed a report earlier this week by New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, who said on Twitter that Trump has been sharing the popular new QAnon talking point.

But Cooke went even further, saying Trump not only believes he’ll be put back into the Oval Office but also that he will be gifted with a Republican majority in the Senate, believing that two Democrats will be booted from Congress and replaced by the GOP candidates they defeated.

He cautioned conservatives against downplaying or dismissing the report.

“This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter,” he wrote. “It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government.”

Trump, he wrote, is “so unmoored from the real world that it is hard to know where to begin in attempting to explain him.”

Any group with any self-awareness or self-respect would look at this pitiful sadness and say, "Yeah, we gotta admit that the guy's a loon and make it clear we distance ourselves from that." But they don't. They embrace him. And then they get mad if you question their judgement or don't treat them as serious adults. Really, if you got fooled by Trump, what would you NOT get fooled by?

That's the head of the snake. Then you've got all the little loons in his orbit, and it doesn't get any better. The MyPillow guy, for instance, is obviously mentally ill. This is a dude who used to be a crackhead. Literally. You know what level of faulty judgement you gotta have to be doin' crack? And he just comes up with one insane thing after the other and people pin their hopes on this fuck. He's become the Apostle Paul to Trump's whackjob Jesus. People believe this out-of-touch loon has some kind of knowledge that should be taken seriously... they believe him, including Trump himself. He believes what this clown tells him... because he wants to, not because it's accurate. It flatters him and therefore it's true. There's a difference between wishing for things or hoping for things and actually believing things... and only crazy people get them confused.

And all along Mike's famous only because he made a pillow... which is just another pillow that he tore up and put back into the pillowcae. That's it. That's what a MyPillow is. It's a foam-core pillow that's been ripped up and had the price jacked about ten times. In his early days, Mike was literally buying foam pillows and chopping 'em up with scissors to make his pillows. It's not even an invention, it's just a Hint From Heloise gone out of hand.

And now this guy's a major player because the Republican party is insane.

You wanna see some crazy? This is actually funny as hell. Mike Lindell thinks THIS is going to put Amazon out of business. Yep, that's his "My Store" site, which is touted as an "alternative to Amazon." Go look at the hilarious, weird, absolutely-nobody-needs-this shit that he's selling there. Basically any crazy person who developed some goofus-ass product can tell him and he'll market it for 'em.

If you need weird truck-stop peanut brittle, a biography of "Diamond and Silk," powder that stops bleeding (just in case you're a professional wrestler or someone who does that a lot), raggedy-ass American flags painted on scraps of old trailer siding, mysterious voodoo juice that revitalizes old razor blades (now you can go through your neighbor's trash and save upwards of thirty cents!), packets of stuff so you can steam your clothes in the middle of KMart (because steaming your clothes is a HUGE concern for people), a fixture that fits around a ceiling light that says "Sweet Dreams" (who says we can't have nice things?!?), the book Love Joy Trump which, in clear crazyperson speak, grabs you by the lapels and explains how prophecy declares Trump the new Son of God or some such, sponges you can use without washing for 90 days and they won't stink (FINALLY! I can hear you all screaming, and I'm with ya! What a problem stinky sponges have been, amirite?!?), a bucket ring so you can strap all manner of shit to a bucket (because every crazyperson wants -- no, needs! -- a bucket with a bowling trophy, a bottle of catsup, a horn they found on an old cow skull which they believe wards off ghosts, and a vibrator with dead batteries bound to it... and duct tape is the OLD WAY! Now you can carry your bucket of pudding all over the place and keep one hand free for gesturing wildly). Then there's a cereal bowl that keeps cereal and milk separate because who the fuck wants MILK in their CEREAL? There's also a sleeping bag... but just for your feet. And a clip with a level on it, so when you're closing a bag of potato chips you can know that they're level (I know that's a load off MY mind, and I wish they'd made these sooner and saved me all those sleepless nights when I sat up thinking, "Crumbs are accumulating on the western side of that bag, I just know it, and god I HATE western-crumbs!"), a bondage strap you can bind your arms with so you won't overthrow a basketball... with the bonus feature of making you look like some kind of fuckin' nut. Time to play basketball, bring out the Gimp! A fancy device for hanging pictures, 'cuz who doesn't have $30 to spend on some shit like that, right? Dental floss for your dog. A cutting board that turns into a funnel! And a plate with a cup holder in the middle of it so you no longer have to sit down to eat but can wander around like a savage, yelling about how Trump really won because the lizard-people weren't legally registered to vote (except in Nebraska).

Yeah, Amazon's fuckin' quaking in fear now, buddy. Sell your AMZN stock!

If you need normal-people stuff that anyone might actually want, you'll need to keep going to Amazon, I'm afraid. But if you like buying stuff at Crazy Ol' Larry Down The Street Who Thinks He's An Inventor's yard sale, well, Mike Pillow's got ya covered.

Also, MyPillow Mike's got a site called "Frank" that's gonna put Twitter out of business. It's an unlimited free-speech site. Where you can't say shit or fuck or goddamn. Or probably a ton of other stuff. Maybe "poot." I'm pretty sure "I like Hilary Clinton" would get you kicked off, but... hey, free speech.

Then ya got hog-devil Marjorie Taylor Greene (I don't have to tell ya what she's like, do I?) and Lauren Boebert (who's basically a pair of Groucho glasses that came to life and says bitchy things). No party that was still cognizant enough to recognize Things That Are Embarrassing For $200 would suffer either of those howling morons to represent their party... but, there they are, rubbing shit in their hair and howling.

And it goes on and on, all the way down to the voters, who believe their votes were fed to chickens, and Democrats are ageless vampires who drink the blood of babies, and even crazier shit -- it changes every day. And it would be laughable except it's so prevalent that even evangelical churches (never a bastion of sanity in the best of times) are starting to get nervous at the competition.

But it’s not just the notion that the election was stolen that has caught on with the former president’s supporters. QAnon, an outlandish and ever-evolving conspiracy theory spread by some of Mr. Trump’s most ardent followers, has significant traction with a segment of the public — particularly Republicans and Americans who consume news from far-right sources.

Those are the findings of a poll released today by the Public Religion Research Institute and the Interfaith Youth Core, which found that 15 percent of Americans say they think that the levers of power are controlled by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles, a core belief of QAnon supporters. The same share said it was true that “American patriots may have to resort to violence” to depose the pedophiles and restore the country’s rightful order.

Yeah, they don't all believe it. Some are "not sure."

But the analysts went a level further: They created a category labeled “QAnon doubters” to include respondents who had said they “mostly disagreed” with the outlandish statements, but didn’t reject them outright. Another 55 percent of Republicans fell into this more ambivalent category.

How can you be fucking "not sure" that chickens are eating votes and Democrats are eating babies? Do you realize that not being sure that those things aren't true means you're still bugshit wall-bangin' crazy?

Mr. Jones said he was struck by the prevalence of QAnon’s adherents. Overlaying the share of poll respondents who expressed belief in its core principles over the country’s total population, “that’s more than 30 million people,” he said.

“Thinking about QAnon, if it were a religion, it would be as big as all white evangelical Protestants, or all white mainline Protestants,” he added. “So it lines up there with a major religious group.”

He also noted the correlation between belief in QAnon’s fictions and the conviction that armed conflict would be necessary. “It’s one thing to say that most Americans laugh off these outlandish beliefs, but when you take into consideration that these beliefs are linked to a kind of apocalyptic thinking and violence, then it becomes something quite different,” he said.

The Public Religion Research Institute and the Interfaith Youth Core found a strong correlation between where people get their news and how much they believe in QAnon’s ideas. Among those who said they most trusted far-right news outlets, such as One America News Network and Newsmax, two in five qualified as full-on QAnon believers. Fully 48 percent of these news consumers said they expected a storm to wipe away the elites soon.

That puts these news consumers far out of alignment with the rest of the country — even fans of the conservative-leaning Fox News. Among respondents who preferred Fox News above other sources, 18 percent were QAnon believers.

Then there's this adorably-stupid thing:

Those who expressed belief in QAnon’s premises were also far more likely than others to say they believe in other conspiracy theories, the poll found. Four in 10 said they thought that “the Covid-19 vaccine contains a surveillance microchip that is the sign of the beast in biblical prophecy.”

"I ain't gettin' vaccinated because I don't want some tracking device that'll let the gubbmint follow my wherebouts and spy on me!"

"Where'd you get the idea that the vaccine contains such a thing?"

"I read it on the internet on my phone that I carry with me everywhere I go!"


And people whose judgement is so faulty that it can't reject ridiculous concepts are judged safe to own guns and foment insurrection against their own country because they Want To Only Believe Things They Like And Not Believe Anything They Don't Like... the way a toddler does.

I think we're gonna need to start tracking the crazy. It's impossible, but I figured I'd set this up as a thread to put things that they're doing that are just fucking NUTS. This is a long post but I barely even scratched the surface of the lunacy that's happening now...

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2The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/5/2021, 7:04 am



Yet look at who is still infatuated with him. Six months later and he's still on every leftist site and you're still parroting that.

Sad really.

3The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/5/2021, 11:07 am



The sad thing is that the drug abusing liar from Michigan continues to champion his hero in mar a lago, but still insist he has no use for the spineless, orange carpetbagger or the bloody cult that follows him like dying castrated dogs with pee running down their legs. I wonder why presidents play golf and not tennis.

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4The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/6/2021, 4:56 pm



previous guy and his unsteamed pants, 'wasting away again in Mar-a-Lagoville'

The only thing crazier... Image

annieli for KremlinAnnex
Community (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.)
Saturday June 05, 2021 · 8:06 PM CDT

tell-tale diaper line and Best flub so far- “we have to defund our freedoms” instead of “defend our borders.”
More gaslight: Trump's speech Saturday in North Carolina was one being delivered by the person who incited an act of terrorism designed to overturn the 2020 election.

"Lapsing into irrelevance, Trump says the same lies:

“The 2020 election was definitely the most corrupt election in our history,” Trump claims after lying about ballots being “discovered” in “swing states” that night “after the election was over.”

Apparently Lara Trump is not running for the US Senate in North Carolina, as previous guy only gave his endorsee, Rep. Ted Budd 15 minutes advance notice. ("You know, honestly, he did not know about this until about 15 minutes before I walked to the podium.")

"It's as if much of the Republic Party is trapped in a Jimmy Buffett tune," Jim Acosta said. "Wasting away again in Mar-a-Lagoville. Looking for that next election to assault. Some people claim that there is an orange man to blame, but I know, it's my own damn fault."..."

(twitter's having a field day)

This from digby:

The only thing crazier... E3KWX9RXwAULVgr?format=png&name=900x900

(follow link for twitter hilarity)


He surely does appear to be wearing his pants backward...some type of pull-on pants with no zipper.

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5The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/6/2021, 11:40 pm



Just goes to show what we've been saying about him all along, he's ass backwards.

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6The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/7/2021, 9:45 am


Telstar wrote:The sad thing is that the drug abusing liar from Michigan continues to champion his hero in mar a lago, but still insist he has no use for the spineless, orange carpetbagger or the bloody cult that follows him like dying castrated dogs with pee running down their legs. I wonder why presidents play golf and not tennis.

I've yet to see a post from Pkr defending trumpet.

7The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/7/2021, 10:15 am


PkrBum wrote:Yet look at who is still infatuated with him. Six months later and he's still on every leftist site and you're still parroting that.

Sad really.

If "why are you still talking about Trump?" is all ya got, then don't even waste your time coming at me, boy.  You're just humiliating yourself. That's a roll of damp caps and you're gonna get your weak-bitch nose rubbed in the dirt for wasting everybody's time trying to pop 'em off.  Very Happy

You know damn well the reason people are still discussing Trump  - who's only a small part of what I was talking about in the first place -  is because his cult - of which your weak lil' water-carryin' ass is a staunch member even though you're too much of an absolute spit-slurping coward to admit it even to yourself - is still active and trying to destroy the United States.  It's not even about Trump: it's about his idiotic followers who can't even acknowledge that he lost.  Trump has become a religion for these idiots, and they're radicalized and want to kill for him.  He's a joke to the world but they storm the Capitol to avoid having to hear the punch line.

I know you'd like it to be ignored, because it embarrasses you, but Trump's fascist bund is not gone.  So you better get used to hearing about it, because America has its own version of ISIS now... and you're part of it, just because you hate "libs" more than you love your country.   That's the truth.  

Trump was always a logical conclusion to the real problem that the GOP's had for a long time now.   All his election did was just reveal something about the majority of the Republican base that's been true for years, and that they've been in denial about, and it's this:  they're the dumb and nasty part of America, unable to think critically when it comes to anything they'd like to believe, and motivated mostly by racial fears, tribalism, and a hatred of anyone who tries to do anything better than the selfishness that motivates them.   And they're weak:  they're always looking for a "leader" to waddle behind and some bigger collective-hive-mind to belong to, because they're terrified of being individuals.  They want so badly to be "part" of something, and they're so unable to think critically, that they'll even join something as ridiculous as "Q."   Satanic-vampire-pizza-lizard-cults with Jewish-space-lasers are real to them and pandemics and free elections and their own acts of terrorism aren't.  Sorry, but those weren't "tourists."

Republicans are scared now because America's getting a good look at what far too much of their base actually consists of:  idiotic gullible nitwits whose main motivation is racism.  That's it.  Flat-out.  You have a few who are still trying to save the party from itself, but the Liz Cheneys and the Mitt Romneys and the Adam Kinzingers are sorely outnumbered and they're hated by the rest, who are all wrapped up in slapping their flippers together at all the nasty shit Marjorie Taylor Greene can say about "the libs."   That's really what you're stuck with -- an internet-troll party.  It embarrasses the intelligent people left in the party, but they're few in number and always have been.  Most of what you got is a theocratic base that doesn't understand economics or foreign policy and just wants their religion played to... while they disgrace that religion with actions that go firmly against its teachings.

You don't have news networks -- you've got televangelism for a political religion.  And the audience is the same: people who want to be told they're the "good people" by a con-man, who'll use them like cattle.  If they see he's using them, they'll make excuses for him anyway.  A while back, cynical people like Rush Limbaugh figured out there's a lot of money to be made telling people like you lies, because lies are what you want.  As long as you get to be the hero, you couldn't give a shit if the whole scenario's completely bogus.  

And your politicians don't even bother trying anymore, because they've figured out they don't have to.  Guys like Ted Cruz are just throwing red meat out there while he flees the scene when he's needed, because he knows the base are tribal idiots and he can get away with it.  He doesn't have to do jack shit for them, because they'll always make excuses for him because he's in their "tribe."  They don't care what he does to them, as long as he hates "the libs" and mentions Jesus once in a while.  They won't only let him piss down their back and tell them it's raining, they'll smile and turn their faces up right into the stream.  They have leaders who treat them like idiots and abuse them because they've made it clear that they'll accept that.  Hell, it's what they want.  Seventy years in the South has proven that.  Trump just made it clearer, and he was just a natural progression of idiocy.  Palin should have been enough to reveal that party for what it was, but people dismissed her as an anomaly.  Nope.  Palin was a signpost.

And Trump's not the endpoint, either.  Y'all are tryin' to find your own Hitler.  Because that's what y'all really want.  You want a theocratic dictatorship.  You want non-whites kept in what you think is their "place," you want everybody living under a preacher's thumb like you do so you won't have to feel stupid for abdicating so much of your personal autonomy, you want mass conformity so nothing new or strange makes you "uncomfortable," you want mindless flag-waving rather than having to make efforts to make the country better, and you want "the libs" to be monsters that you hate... and as long as some scumbag helps you see them as monsters you'll defend anything that scumbag does to ya.   You don't want the world to change and are dumb enough to think you can stop it if you just elect someone brutal and stupid enough who'll just help you lie away reality.

You can't really deny it.  Not if you're being honest at all.  Not that I think you even can be honest at this point. You aren't strong enough.

That's where you're at, boy.  And you can bitch about it all you want and click your soggy cap-gun and hate "the libs" while you ignore the people you defend while they try to overthrow the country.   You can squeal about it all ya want.  But you got nothin'.   Laughing  And when you do it I'll just use it as an opportunity to drag you through the truth some more. Smile

You'll claim you "don't even like Trump," but you defend his side every goddamn time. Anyone attacks him, you attack them for doing it. Sorry, boy, but if you tote somebody's water, I'm-a say they own your ass. If they didn't, you'd do something to try to stop them once in a while. But you never do.

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8The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/7/2021, 11:36 am



Dang Z, you deserve a Pulitzer Prize for that post. So sad it still won't open the eyes of the blind Mr. Magoos who fall for the lies of the drug abuser. Twisted Evil

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9The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/7/2021, 12:50 pm


Telstar wrote:Dang Z, you deserve a Pulitzer Prize for that post. So sad it still won't open the eyes of the blind Mr. Magoos who fall for the lies of the drug abuser. Twisted Evil

Thanks. Smile Yeah, it won't work, but it's fun to do anyhow. Smile

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10The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/7/2021, 6:10 pm



Lol... only an idiot would read your rants when they drone on and on and on. You aren't smart enough or interesting enough to waste my time... that's for damn sure. Either make a point based on facts and reality... or don't bother.

Gawd... I bet you're fun to be around. Rolling Eyes

11The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/8/2021, 7:20 am



PkrBum wrote:Lol... only an idiot would read your rants when they drone on and on and on. You aren't smart enough or interesting enough to waste my time... that's for damn sure. Either make a point based on facts and reality... or don't bother.

Gawd... I bet you're fun to be around. Rolling Eyes

So you admit you're an idiot. After all you were the first one to respond to this topic. Everyone can see the proof of that fact above, Now why don't you tell us more about your short and stout granny, the tennis queen who represented New Zeland in the Open (out of the closet?) Cup? Better yet ace, tell us more about your two failed marriages, one to the French Cajun and the other to the fiery Puerto Rican. I guess they didn't think you were much fun to be around or is it true that when it came to the big ball game in your bedroom, both your exes considered you a "love" match, but not with them. Twisted Evil

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12The only thing crazier... Empty Re: The only thing crazier... 6/9/2021, 1:47 pm


This is a lot of what I've been screamin'.  In general, conservatives are hooked on confirmation bias like it's crack.  A hell of a lot of them seem incapable of rejecting any bullshit that makes them happy, and incapable of accepting any facts that they don't want to believe.  I've watched this happen all my life.

An odd example happened just the other day.  It's pretty funny, so, forgive the HUGE tangent, for illustrative/entertainment purposes.  

Okay, so we have a co-worker who's notoriously stupid.  Remember Gracie Allen?

Gracie Allen was a genius pretending to be an idiot.  Our co-worker is as dumb as Gracie Allen's character... without it being an act.  She's said so many amazingly stupid things that we started writing some of 'em down.

For instance, one day I had a geology book someone left on my desk.  She saw it and asked, "Oh, geology... you looking up your family?"

She also once asked me, "What's biology about?"   She also asked, "How big is a convertible?"  I tried to explain that any car without a roof is a convertible, so you could have a convertible Cadillac or a convertible VW, but she would not understand it and wanted to know what was the "standard size."  She also asked if tomatoes were vegetables, and if "south of the border" was considered Mexico.

She wanted to adopt a Chinese baby "because they're so well-behaved."  She wanted to get something "engraved" on a Christmas stocking.  She didn't want a root canal because "that sounds bad, do they do something to your root?"   She asked a co-worker what color her new car was and she said, "Champagne," and she said, "What color is that, like champagne colored?"   She asked someone else, "How did you make these lemon squares, did you have a recipe?"

She repeatedly threatens to kill herself by "jumping in front of a bridge."  She told me (absolutely seriously) that a diet she was on was working because she wasn't losing any weight, but she was gaining it slower.  "I only gained 2 1/2 pounds last week, I think that's pretty good!"  

She was going to make a "cuisine" for a party... but couldn't find a recipe for "cuisine."

One day someone brought some plants to work to share with anyone who wanted any.  She got a couple and asked, "When I plant these, do the roots point up, or down?"   (I told her, "That depends on what you want to happen.")   She told me, repeatedly, about a kid getting "bit by a Scorpio."  (I figured people born around Halloween might be dangerous!)  She's talked about how you have an "optic nerve that goes down the back of your knee."  She told us that Florida has lots of good colleges, "such as Texas A&M."  She found a dead animal in her yard and called animal control to ask if they "expose of dead animals."   She asked what I burned leaves with.  (I told her "fire," because there wasn't any other alternative).   She thought a "crawlspace" was something behind your house.  She's pronounced Socrates as "So-crates."

This was a bit of conversation that I wrote down verbatim because I still can't decipher what the hell she was meaning to say:  "The puppy weighs 17 pounds now, but it'll weigh 3 when it's grown.  My mom's weighed 17 and now it weighs 5.  I hope it doesn't get health problems, like it might have a liver."

Then there's "It's 2.5 centimeters.  How many millimeters is that?  i think it's 14 millimeters."

She thought "gullible" was two words -- "gull able."  And asked if "uncase" was one word, like "Just uncase you didn't know..."

And there's hundreds more, that's just a highlight reel.  I am constantly having to talk her down from some ridiculous fear.  She believes every rumor, and any urban legend.  She's mostly harmless but she's kind of a menace at work because she's super-paranoid about everyone and is backstabby as hell.  People cut her slack for it because they view her as a child, and since everyone's aware of it her backstabbing doesn't work.  There's another conservative who's as stupid as she is, and they're constantly going around telling everybody else how dumb the other one is.  (The other one's mostly harmless, too, although she has had to be told not to use the N-word or call Asians "Chinks," and she's creepy because she brags on how he parents spanked her a lot, which she thinks is "good.")

And, of course, she's conservative as hell.  Her brother's even worse -- he shunned her because she joined the ASPCA, and he thought the ASPCA were going to "take his guns away" or stop him from killing his dog to feed his family.  I'm pretty sure if society breaks down to the point where people are eating their pets, the ASPCA isn't going to be a factor, but, this is what we have to endure.  The guy's so right-wing he "home churches" because with 5 pages of Baptist churches in the phone book he can't find one conservative enough to suit him.

Anyway, this co-worker has a tendency to not only believe everything she's told, she'll also make up things and then decide they're fact.  One day I saw a guy getting helped up off the street in front of our workplace, and some cops pulled over to help.  I was the only one here who saw it, and mentioned it when I got in to work.   From that, she worked herself up and concocted this whole scenario where the guy was a victim of a hit-and-run driver and that cops all over the state were hunting him down now and she hoped they'd shoot him when they caught him.  She obsessed over it and was wandering around the room repeating it, and I finally told her, "Look, we don't even know if the guy got hit.  All I saw was them helping him up off the street.  Dude probably tripped and fell, there was no indication of any kind of crime."  And she said, "Well, that's not what I heard!"   And I said, "Did you hear from anyone else who saw it?" and she admitted, no, just me.  And I certainly didn't tell her that. She'd been listening to herself and thinking she "heard it somewhere."  It was crazy.

She also claimed her MP3 player got "stolen" because she couldn't find it, and spent an hour railing about this "bastard THIEF" who stole it, and how society was breaking down, and she hoped he'd die, etc.   Then some people from the place where she bought breakfast called her up and said they found her MP3 player -- she'd dropped it because she'd been walking around with it danging around her neck.

Well, anyway, back to the point (which I LONG since diverged from, I know), a couple days ago (after a big windstorm) she said that somebody stole her political sign out of her yard (for some nitwit Republican candidate whose claim to fame is saying "God tells him how to vote on local issues").  And she said that the person who stole it was the guy's Democrat opponent.  I asked her how she knew this, did she see it happen?  Nope, she "just knows."   So apparently a political candidate is risking a big scandal to go around pulling signs out of the yards of people who live on isolated streets.  

Sounds feasible!  

Anyhow, this is the kind of stuff I have to live with every freakin' day.  They just can't reject anything that says something they'd like to believe.  If you tell them Hunter Biden was spotted dragging the severed head of Miss Brazil through the streets of Rio De Janeiro, they wouln't look into it, they'd just believe it and repeat it because Hunter Biden is the boogeyman!  Healthy skepticism would just get in the way.  They believe whatever pleases them and disbelieve whatever does not, with no concern for it they're being made fools of.

Now there's yet another study to back that up.

"Conservatives’ consistently poor performance in distinguishing truths from falsehoods appears to be largely explained by the fact that widely shared falsehoods were systematically more supportive of conservatives’ political positions," the authors wrote.

For a while it was kind of funny, but now it's just getting disturbing, since they're raiding the Capitol and shit.   One guy's now trying to use "I was a gullible idiot" as a defense:

Maybe next time a notorious con-man tells you an election was stolen from him, while you're wearing your tee-shirt advertising a theory that Democrats are drinking the blood of children in the basements of pizza parlors... I dunno, maybe question that shit just a lil' bit?  Maybe?

But nothing's too crazy.  There's this:

(Hey, we can finally post Tweets!  Hooray for the "embed content" button!)

So, some right-wingers actually believe that if you take the vaccine, you become magnetized.  Because of 5G towers.  She believes it because she saw pictures on the internet.

Oh my god, you guys, WEREWOLVES are REAL!!!!  I know because I saw THIS on the INTERNET!

I mean, yeesh, you just can't help these people.

But, they have their own crazyperson logic.   There's this thing:

Forget for a second that she mocks evolution and puts air-quotes around "science."  I know that's a high heap o' dumbass to hurdle, but let's try for a second so we can discuss her theory.

Okay, so, according to her (A) COVID is a "bio-weapon."  And (B) wearing masks and getting vaccines to stop it are ridiculous.

WHICH IS IT, LADY?!  It can't be both!  If it's a "bio-weapon," then why are people stupid for taking precautions against it?  

Anybody thinking COVID's a bio-weapon are pretty fucking dim-lit to begin with.  A weaponized virus would have a much higher kill rate.  It's a bad disease, does some bad things, but as a weapon it's shit.  

But if you believe it's a weapon, and thus America's been "attacked" with it... ain't ya twelve shades of fool to mock people for taking precautions against it?

Ya gotta pick one, hog-devil lady.  You can't have it be a "weapon" when you want to demonize some people you don't like ('cuz they're not white and mostly not Christians), and then have it be a harmless hoax that anybody's a fool to take precautions against.

Any intelligent party would laugh this cro-mag-maiden right out of it.  But, nope!  It ain't a party, it's a cult.

Only a cult could get one third of its people believing something as absurd as this:

And WHY does that lie keep being told?   'Cuz they know their base is stupid enough to buy it, and because it's profitable.  And they can run a money-laundering operation off of it

(Forgive all the links, but motherfucker asked for points based on facts and reality, so, I'm backin' the truck up and pouring 'em right down his sonofabitchin' gullet).


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Nothing to forgive. I loved watching Burns and Allen episode 1. The salesman was played by Henry Jones. Jones was a regular on Hitchcock Presents. He had a great cameo in "Vertigo" and he was hilarious as Edmond O'Brien's fixer in "The Girl Can't Help It." I guess this was before Harry Von Zell became the regular announcer. Remember the running gag when Burns would fire Von Zell every week? Laughing

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