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'Christianity Will Have Power’

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Donald Trump made a promise to white evangelical Christians, whose support can seem mystifying to the outside observer.

Elizabeth Dias
By Elizabeth Dias
Elizabeth Dias covers religion for The New York Times.

Photographs and Video by Jenn Ackerman and Tim Gruber

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa — "They walked to the sanctuary in the frozen silence before dawn, footsteps crunching over the snow. Soon, hundreds joined in line. It was January 2016, and the unlikely Republican front-runner, Donald J. Trump, had come to town.

He was the boastful, thrice-married, foul-mouthed star of “The Apprentice.” They were one of the most conservative Christian communities in the nation, with 19 churches in a town of about 7,500 people.

Many were skeptical, and came to witness the spectacle for themselves. A handful stood in silent protest. But when the doors opened and the pews filled, Mr. Trump’s fans welcomed him by chanting his name. A man waved a “Silent Majority Stands With Trump” sign. A woman pointed a lone pink fingernail up to the sky.

In his dark suit and red tie, Mr. Trump stood in front of a three-story-tall pipe organ and waved his arms in time with their shouts: Trump, Trump, Trump..."

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May they all sail off to hell in the same leaky boat. A vote for IPOTUS is a vote for Lucifer. Twisted Evil

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This loser and so many like him are the reason states are having such trouble controlling the coronavirus.  Texas governor Greg Abbott refused to shut down these holy rollers.  Let's just blow the coronavirus away, OK??  

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