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Borat Returns

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1Borat Returns Empty Borat Returns 11/7/2018, 5:07 pm



He's releasing a DVD of his recent Showtime series so hopefully that will show
right wing nutbag Sarah Palin making a fool of herself.

2Borat Returns Empty Re: Borat Returns 11/8/2018, 12:33 am


Saw the series when it was aired and loved it.
Bernie Sanders caught onto his act almost immediately.
Most of the right wingers didn't.

3Borat Returns Empty Re: Borat Returns 11/8/2018, 2:08 am



My favorite scene was when he told the redneck hillbillies that they were going to build a mosque in the center of town to attract members of the Islamic community. When the members howled like wounded pigs he said they had a choice and showed them the design for a more elaborate mosque. Funny stuff.

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