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I need some suggestions on internet TV options which will work with mediacom internet

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We have secured a place for three weeks a month in the Pensacola area this winter and early spring as we try to complete a project, and will get mediacom internet installed the first week in December. For the second time in three months, our internet failure for a week was tough, and we will not have it happen again.

We have direct TV at home, and can get the service online so I can watch the Bull games, but I am interested which other online TV service like netflix, google tv, and others works best. Our cell phones roaming restriction on bandwidth has been a disaster, and the go phone is ok for a month or two as a hot spot, but I am looking for recommendations of what online tv is best and why. Thanks.

Oh a big thank you on Plumber recommendations, and heating and cooling contractor recommendations from past posts. Everything people said about the folks we hired this last week was a big thumbs up.

boards of FL

boards of FL

I use Sling. $22 per month and you can watch all the good channels on any device that is connected to the internet.

I approve this message.


The more I am researching, it probably will be best to purchase a samsung smart tv to maximize some of the options. I can get HBO go from my direct TV subscription, and this will allow me to watch all the direct tv without having to put up a dish which is allowed by direct tv for one receiver when you are seasonally away from your home. We have modified one of our rental homes which will allow us to have a permanent presence and we will be furnishing and getting a tv in December as we will work on the project in three week periods between shots.

My bucket list requires being able to watch all bull games. Hell, I have traveled the entire country for the last 40 years and I have never seen sports coverage like in the pro baseball......minimal pro football........nothing on to nothing on pro hockey. I think this cultural divide in America begins with the absence of pro sports teams in the former confederacy. Now North Carolina and Tennessee are changing that, as of course Atlanta was the token sports teams, but the void is mind boggling for somebody as a kid who followed baseball, football, and basketball.........


You have gotten the worst internet provider that exists. Medicom sucks very badly. Constantly goes out and takes a repair guy a week to come. They bought inferior routers and customers are stuck w/ it. Should have gotten AT&T.


We will get a router at best buy. Anybody who rents a router from a provider is not making a good choice. I hated media com the last time we had it five years ago and was constantly going to their offices off 98 in Gulf Breeze when they were located there. Unfortunately, the telephone option for some reason is not allowed at our address. We have called repeatedly and they tell us there is no service, yet less than a block away they have service. We had the same problem in Illinois where the telephone company restricted certain areas to the Uverse upgrade. None of it makes much sense to me, but going without internet at a week to three weeks at a time is not an option as I am still working part time and need to be on the internet for work.

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