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Half of Obamacare Customers Skipping Doctor Visits to Cut Costs . . . Wow...Obamacare was supposed to make people healthier....

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Wow...Obamacare was supposed to make people healthier....

Study: Half of Obamacare Customers Skipping Doctor Visits to Cut Costs


Obamacare customers are skipping doctors’ visits to cut costs, according to a new study.

The study shows that 50 percent of people who buy healthcare plans through Obamacare marketplaces say they are trying to be more cost-conscious with their healthcare services by cutting back on doctors’ visits, CNBC reported.



Healthcare cost would decrease if a doctor visit would be paid out of pocket and not covered by major medical. Major medical, as it used to be, covered hospitalization, lab tests, x-rays. Doc visits were on the patient.

With the internet and alternative health remedies, most things do not require a doctors visit. But when insurance pays, folks go like there is no end to benefits. It's a system that has been abused by both doctors and patients.

But as I found in the state of Alabama where BC/BS was/is basically a monopoly the idea of health savings accounts and having only hospitalization insurance was beaten down.

There are so many ways to curb costs but the fat and happy American is not willing. They want their cake, they eat it, then they want somebody to pay for their ill health.

Reform is needed. Less doctor visits for the common cold, etc. Health advise nurse call lines are very helpful markets is the local health food markets.

People need to be their own health care advocate.

The changes will cause the stuck in the mud crowd to holler. As we hear on this forum All. The. Time.

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