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Punta Gordo police officer with bad record shoots by accident a citizen attending police acadamy.

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Two year veteran of the force with complaints about his traffic stops.......shoots a citizen who came to watch a demonstration.......I do not have a link, it was on the nightly news, I am so sick of the police state we live......when will people quit being scared, and take some responsibility in their lives......pretend police reality shows killing citizens with absolute gross negligence.....this officer alone should not lose his job......the police chief and any line officer who did not insure safeguards against live rounds being in the demonstration. My wife's principal has retired to this community and her husband is very active in the Auxillary Coast Guard and works with the police. We usually spend a night with them when visiting south Florida and there just is not a crime wave in this community to have this kind of nonsense.......there are communities who need more police, and there are these type of communities who need to make massive cuts......when will it end.

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