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I like to watch Sunday morning religious TV, but what a slip up this morning

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I do not attend church regularly. My attendance is about once or twice a year. Usually Easter and maybe another attendance each year. I have not regularly attended since my freshman year in high school when I discovered Matthew 6 which has been my guide since.

However, I enjoy reading of scripture and hearing others interpretations. Well this morning I listened to the regional Diocese of the Catholic church in a small TV market on NBC. They had this older lady reading scripture. She began to became more frequent and then became very scary because it was looking like she was having a heart attack and was in desperate need of a glass of water.....she finally finishes, and as they move the camera off of her onto the next speaker, you hear a very loud and audible "oh Chit"........They have this lady in a circle at the top of the screen who is signing for the deaf.....who just has this stunned look.....I was kinda hoping to learn the signing for "oh chit" but this was a classic......I am going to check UTUBE in a week to see if this is going to make social is good.....old ladies are way too cool.

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