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2015 Marked Lowest Year for Discovered Oil and Gas Volumes Since 1952

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IHS: Conventional discoveries outside N. America drop to lowest level since 1952

2015 Marked Lowest Year for Discovered Oil and Gas Volumes Since 1952 Z-oil-10

This thread is about Global Peak Oil, which I have been writing about here since 2009. Even though there is an oil supply glut now, because OPEC and Saudi Arabia is in a production war with North American producers, the glut will eventually work its way through, and the price of oil and your fuels will naturally rise. The survivors of the glut (energy producers who managed to hang on without declaring bankruptcy) will benefit and stock prices will recover.

Climate change is not the only reason we must give a full court press to solar electricity, cold-fusion nuclear technology, enhance geothermal systems for electricity, and other technologies that will help us stop using petroleum for fuels. The world is running out of oil, as this article implies, but does not directly address. All I can say is, enjoy $2.25 gasoline while it lasts, because the price is eventually heading north again.

Besides, we will never progress beyond Mars in human space-travel using rockets for propulsion. Some electromagnetic force remains to be discovered and harnessed that will allow us to have warp-speed so we can access the stars (the same will also give us weapons like phasers and photon torpedoes…..). A version of the same will power us on good-old Terra Firma (and our planetary outposts), so we do not have to burn something that contributes CO2 and other GHGs to the Earth’s atmosphere.

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