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The democrats and the republicans

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Semi-sane Markle is frantically doing his desperate best to hurt Hillary.  The truth is, except for the aged, today's democrats don't give two hoots about the label "socialist."  They are more than aware that modern democratic socialists (like all those running Europe) do not advocate in any way that government should run the economy.

And the facts are -- poor Markle -- there's really very little difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's favored policies.  Except, of course, that Bernie's policies were the same thirty years ago as they are today, and Hillary's current romance with the progressives of the democratic party, is a stark reversal in most cases, from her positions two years or more ago.

Now let's compare today's democratic socialist, progressive philosophy with today's republican point of view:

1.  The Economy
    Wages -- the republicans want to eliminate the minimum wage so the biggest corporate bloodsuckers can exploit workers and maintain the system wherein 10% of the richest 1% of America continues to get more and more and more and more, while the middle-class is being decimated.  The democrats (led by Hillary and Bernie) want to see the minimum wage doubled.

     The republicans want to cut corporate taxes, and bring in either a flat tax or other tax concepts that would benefit the ultra rich and take more from the rest of us.  The failed "trickle down" plan is their goal.

2.  War
     The democrats want to avoid unnecessary, unwinnable, unending wars in the Middle-East where we have been operating as a world policeman -- while the Arab nations most vulnerable to Islamic terrorists like ISIS and al Qaida -- refuse to fight knowing we'll bear all the costs in blood and money.

     The republicans believe we should take on ISIS with thousands of American troops.  Listen to Trump.  Listen to Cruz.  Listen to Rubio.  Listen to Christy ...

3.  Healthcare
    Bernie wants a single payer system similar to that of Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, etc., with the profits of prescription drugs cut decisively.  Hillary wants improved access and lower costs through changes to the current Obamacare program.

    The republicans want back the system we had before Obamacare, with unlimited profits for health insurers and drug manufacturers.

4.  The Environment

    The democrats want the creation of effective laws to limit the production of carbon dioxides and diminish the ravages of a warming climate.
    The republicans want maximum production and usage of fossil fuels.

5.   Education

     Bernie wants free universal college education.  Hillary wants college education costs radically cut -- with no interest educational loans.

     The republicans want to introduce intelligent design as a science, and bring mandatory prayers to the curriculum.  

6.  Immigration law
    Trump wants to build a wall and round-up some 12 million illegals and ship them back to Mexico because they're mostly rapists, gangsters, drug dealers and murderers (but some are "good people" Trump offers).   As for the millions of displaced war refugees from Syria and Iraq, the republicans want to bar them from entering the U.S. because some might be terrorists.

     Bernie and Hillary want to employ vetting systems that would dramatically cut the chances of terrorists using the refugee status as a cover.

7.  Women's rights

    The democrats want equal pay for women.  The republicans don't.
The democrats want women to have access to healthcare and family planning, and defend a woman's right to abortion.

    The republicans want to have laws that will imprison any woman who has an abortion -- even when the fetus is the product of a rapist or incest.

8.  Religious freedom
    The democrats want the U.S. to remain a secular country.
    The republicans want a Christian theocracy.


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