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Sheriff David Morgan is a clever campaigner and here's why

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Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

First let me say that I don't have any axe to grind with this post.  I will probably vote for Morgan and not McNesby.  That's really not the point of this.

As you may know,  candidates for elected office are now constrained by the "Equal Time Rule"...

But Morgan has found a very effective workaround for this.

If you have cable tv,  you will have seen this played about a 100 times a day on very many local tv channels...

Sheriff David Morgan is a clever campaigner and here's why Morgan10

This is nothing but a campaign commercial disguised as a "public service announcement".
Since it's being presented as a PSA,  McNesby can't demand equal time.
Absolutely brilliant.  lol


Incumbents always have a built in advantage. The most powerful message is bad guy/good guy........I am keeping you safe. Now somebody could pull a Willie Horton on the Sheriff, and the table turns. Politics can be a tough business.

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