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Republican Misogyny on Parade

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1Republican Misogyny on Parade Empty Republican Misogyny on Parade 9/30/2015, 12:00 pm



What a bunch of neanderthals ....



If America had to choose between the Republican Party and Planned Parenthood, It would be nice to not have a Republican Party.- LOLGOP

The Republican Party. What happens when guys who don't believe in sex education try to legislate women's health.- LOLGOP

Carly Fiorina says waterboarding is fine, based on a video she saw about young surfers in California. - The Daily Edge

Republican Misogyny on Parade 12009774_10156462989127355_984769749546026127_n



I was talking to my sister yesterday on the phone and our conversation got into politics. She and her husband are pretty ardent Republicans. She didn't want to hear me tell her that Ted Cruz is a moron and our very own Marco Rubio is an empty-suit. Or that Carly Fiorina is a light-weight

We decided quickly to move the discussion to other topics, LOL....





I watch the propaganda every night on Fox. I just saw a person who was countering the Fox propaganda with a logical truthful counter to what the hosts had presented......and bam.......they lose the was incredible. They talk over anybody who does not stay true to the talking points. For the uninformed who continuously gobble this up, they lose any ability for free thinking, and certainly cannot listen to another person discussing issues with facts and context. My wife and I always will let somebody state their position, and then respectfully ask questions, and let them build a house of cards which without exception they blow down themselves without us ever having to argue. Simple questions to try to understand the propaganda they have absorbed is easy to make them see inconsistencies, and as long as you do not frontally attack the same and shut the conversation down, you can get people to think.

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