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Republican candidates Unknowingly insult coalition of Republican Jews

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Each candidate in turn, seeking to impress their audience as though they were foreigners instead of fellow Americans, uttered cliched anti-Semitic statements that leave the Jews cold.   Believing he's flattering them, Trump plays off pejorative cliches about the Jew's prowess as negotiators, money managers, etc.  Carson calls Hamas, Hummis.  Later, all 15 of the Jewish audience went home thinking they were insane to be republicans.  

As Joe Scarborough said this morning, "this lineup of Republican candidates is the poorest we've ever offered.  They're an insult to classic republicanism."  

The thing is, in order to win the primary, these candidates must pander to a group of low-class, racist, bigoted people America would be far better off without. Together, they and the candidates pandering to them are a celebration of vision-less barbarity.

And while FOX News and the rest of the media pretend each presentation of these candidates is awesomely important, keep in mind that Trump, who now is running twenty points ahead of his competition is a giant success with only 25% of the republican party.  Whoever wins the primary hasn't a ghost of a chance in securing support from the rest of the republican party or the independents.

Now subtract the Black and Latino votes.


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