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Let the CIA know how you feel .... I just did.

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I just sent the following message to the CIA:

Your agency's disgusting, inhumane exercises in the torture of captives is a violation of the Geneva Convention, 1949, and an insult to every American citizen who honors the ethics of our government.

Your actions have succeeded in making me and millions of my fellow citizens ashamed -- truly ashamed -- of my country.

The idea of such inhumane practices foisted upon helpless captives, done in my name and paid for with my tax dollars sickens, and disgusts me, and provokes my outrage.

Show me where I can add my name please to the list of millions who want to see the CIA terminated with prejudice.

Go to the following website for the form:



quote by President Kennedy that he wanted to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds

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