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PSC is doing their part...

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1PSC is doing their part... Empty PSC is doing their part... 8/8/2014, 10:17 am



PSC is doing their part so step up Escambia County and bring in JOBS to employ the students who are being educated and trained for the future. If not they will all move away just as so many others.

2PSC is doing their part... Empty Re: PSC is doing their part... 8/8/2014, 12:25 pm


Sorry. I read the article and nothing specific was said. No concrete example of a certification or technology they were teaching. I have seen college computer books in the library which are ten years out of date, and the idea of teaching students about technologies ten years ago when employers need folks who can use current technologies. I hope they get specific because to me it is just one more broad brush marketing piece which has nothing for students.

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The "Boot camps" seem to be the way to go.. My daughter just completed a 10 week(10,000$) camp with the focus on "Ruby on Rails" She said it was very very intense but she learned what she need for her job. In Austin there are many choices for short term, High intensity training.

In our last installment, we highlighted the most selective coding bootcamps. To recap, coding bootcamps are designed to train students for a full-time job as an entry-level developer by providing an intensive immersive learning program in an 8 to 12 week period (sometimes longer). The goal of these camps are to train you with the skills that employers are demanding without wasting any time. The price tag on these programs are high, ranging from $5-36K! However, a good bootcamp will land you a job with a $60K starting salary (or more), so the ROI makes the investment worthwhile. In this article, we expand on the original list and have separated programs into two kinds of bootcamps: the bootcamps that provide you with job placement or assistance, and everything else. At minimum, a good coding bootcamp should throw an end-of-term job-fair and offer a partial-tuition refund to students hired through their employer-network.

If you plan to go to coding bootcamp, get prepared to eat, sleep, and breathe code!

Bootcamps with Refunds and Job Fairs

App Academy is a laboratory-style coding program. There are very few lectures and most of your day is spent on actual coding projects. The program only requires you to pay tuition after you get a developer job. It reports that 95% of their graduates find developer jobs with an average salary of $90k.

Cost 18% of your first-year salary if hired as a developer
Required Experience None
Languages Ruby on Rails
Class Size 20
Class Length 12 weeks
Hours/Week 80-100hrs/wk
Sessions/Year 11
Application Standard application + coding tests + interview
Job Assistance Yes
Refund None, graduates only pay tuition if they find a developer job.
Financial Aid Graduates only pay tuition if they find a developer job.
Payment Plan $13,000 upfront, or $15,000 payment plan, or 18% of first-job salary over a 6-month plan after being hired as a developer.

Contact Info

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But then you could stay here and work for the "Blue Wahoos" at Studerville and if you really get good there is a chance to be a clean up person at the Olive Oil Emporium ...

5PSC is doing their part... Empty Re: PSC is doing their part... 8/8/2014, 7:50 pm


Completely agree. If we let the established educational bureaucracy keep giving us curriculum which is a decade out of date, we will not be giving employers what they need. I have posted how the Japanese have put state of the art welding equipment in the local junior college and they are teaching japanese to high school kids. Amazing things can happen when our children have the tools to be productive employees.

However, when Judy Bense spends most of her time selling a historical downtown disneyworld, or spending resources on building hotels and commercial development around the campus........well the mission is failed. The boot camps will probably be the method where our broken college institutions with outdated curriculum and the wrong priorities will finally be forced to join the real world.

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