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Whoa!! This doesn't sound right..

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For the last couple years I have been hammered every time I say something good about how things were in Pensacola in years past. People like Oats and others tell stories of how backwards, crude and suffering from a "Inferiority complex".  Things were bad.  They say we have been saved by the great work done my our leaders and those who come from other places to "show us the way"  This is from today's PNJ.

In the 1970s, he explained, the Pensacola area had one of the highest incomes per capita in the Southeast, where the average worker made 50 cents more an hour than the average Florida worker.

"Everybody moved to Pensacola (metropolitan) area back in the '70s because this is where the money was. This is where the jobs were. We were the economic center of gravity for the Panhandle, the Southeast as well as Florida," he said.

Yet, by 2001, the wage for that Pensacola worker dramatically slipped to less than $1 below the hourly wages their counterparts earned in the rest of the state.

While there's been some progress with wages ticking up slightly, Fort Walton Beach has usurped the Pensacola area's once prominent place as an up-and-coming economic force in the region, he said.


Geez Hallmark......get out of your cocoon and see what the world is and understand what is happening to Pensacola is happening to a thousand other communities in this country. Economic dislocation is simple a result of a monopoly of advantage this country enjoyed post WWII, and as nations specialize and find where there comparative advantage is in the production of manufactured goods, then certain industry will be impacted at a greater rate than other industry. The quad cities and the agricultural sector of this country is booming. The oil and gas sector is booming. You unfortunately are looking for scapegoats at the local level as they scramble to address that economic dislocation.....and I might add they have done an excellent job considering what has happened to other rust belt towns across America. You speak of your admiration of the Korean people, yet you speak out of both sides of your mouth. Are they not entitled to work hard and compete in the world market. Are they not entitled to make ships, and autos. In their hard work comes the demise of many a town in this country. I was at a seminar two weeks ago where the speaker gave an hour long history of two towns on both sides of a river in Illinois where they have lost 7 thousand industrial jobs. They used to make steel and shipped their wire all over the world, and since 2000 ALL the jobs are gone, and some communities have foreclosure rates higher than anywhere in America. No the bombs of WWII destroyed Industrial production across the world and left us with immensely productive factories producing unprecedented wealth, and into that void those Koreans and other people in this world began to compete.......we have lost some games after years of being undefeated, and you want to blame the scoreboard. We need to simply address economic dislocation, and work a little harder. We still are an economic miracle and the most productive nation in the world.



You lost me. I have no idea what you are talking about.

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