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The Benghazi Witch Hunt Committee is anything but Fair and Balanced!

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It's been speculated that a few democrats may serve on the committee ... but they won't be able to call witnesses or have equal powers to the republican members.

Even Herr Markle's idol Charles Krauthammer warns that this Benghazi witchhunt may backfire on the republicans.

As for me, I'm delighted the republicans are going to maintain their penchant for political suicide.

They're going to enter the next congressional elections as the Party of No, who has done everything they could to stymie the black President, even when their antics have deeply wounded America's economy. Yessirree sir, they're gonna enter the next elections with their base completely fired up.

Of course they won't have women, the elderly, college students, African Americans or Hispanics to vote for their candidates.

And they can't win with just old white men.

The facts are, no matter how vivid the Benghazi witch-hunt becomes, it won't attract a single voter to the republican party.


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