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gordon gecko strikes again....greed is good....!!!!

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Markle wrote:
othershoe1030 wrote:gordon gecko strikes again....greed is good....!!!! - Page 3 Catima10

Still waiting to hear Markle tell us all how voter fraud is going to be pulled off in Florida.

Why are you afraid of making our most sacred right even more difficult to corrupt? You've seen how easy voter registration fraud is to do, why go to that trouble if you can't use them to vote?

Voter registration fraud is NOT voter impersonation. In person voter impersonation is the only form of actual voting fraud that would be affected by the use of voter ID.

You have still not shown how a person could get a voter ID card given the law as it now stands.

Why don't you just man-up and admit that people can't just register by making up names and numbers and then showing up at the polls? It might even give you a bit of credibility, might.

BTW this whole voter suppression plot masquerading as a plan to weed out imagined voter fraud may just backfire on the Grand Old Party as it spurs a greater number of Democrats to turn out and vote. That's something to think about.

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