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mosquitoes are becoming more dangerous

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I have told the story about the 30 year old CPA paralyzed with west nile, and now this is coming. We probably are going to have to get mosquito nets before long. I wear repellant most of the time while outside, but I have been bitten inside my house repeatedly last year. It is going to get more dangerous, and the chances of a person having a human forcefully break into their home and hurt them is going to be far less than the risk of insect bite.



well when you dont have facts to push global warming, scare the shit out of people.

dont worry oat, they are spreading some genetically modified skeeters on us right now. im sure that should fix it. What a Face 





Sal wrote:

Very informative. so the question is like she said, are we willing to take that risk to kill off all mosquitos? further more are we willing to take the risk of genetically modifying them in such a way that they create mosquitos that when mating with other non GM skeeters make them sterile. hence eventually killing off the skeeters. and or possibly creating something else? well like she said also, we don't know what will happen, but let me answer the other questions, yes people are willing to find out what will happen by setting GM skeeters loose to kill off all skeeters, because they are doing it now.

I hate skeeters as much as anyone. hell we have a saying down here, if the alligators don't get you the skeeters will.

However, I am highly suspicious of the article because its blaming global warming on these skeeters that havnt even made it here yet. and its just a coincidence that they are releasing a genetically modified skeeter on us... hmmmmmmmmm  Neutral 

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