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Obama and the other's who go a long with this never cease to amaze me. Yep, lame duck finally want's to appease the republican's at the end of his disaster of a term. There are many way these ass clowns can build the government coffer's right in front of their noses.


Utterly false. What he wants to do is find new revenue sources to keep the insurance pool solvent beyond 2035 without 25% drop in benefits. The house republicans have made it clear that they want the COLA to be adjusted. The long term result of the same is less benefits. However, if nobody acts in the next five years the fix is going to be much deeper cuts and greater need for higher contributions. It is that simple.

Raising the contribution level to 250k from the current 113k solves the problem and the president has suggested the same, but guess who is against this. Post truthful threads.

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