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It’s Time to Deal with the Police Threat to the Second Amendment

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by DAVID FRENCH July 30, 2017 4:00 AM

Police raid the wrong home? If the innocent homeowner is lawfully armed, he could end up dead.

"It’s happened again. Police officers in Southaven, Miss., were trying to serve an arrest warrant for aggravated assault on a man named Samuel Pearman, but instead they showed up at a trailer owned by an auto mechanic named Ismael Lopez. It was nighttime, and according to his wife, Lopez went to the door to investigate a noise. She stayed in bed.

What happened next was tragic. According to the police, Lopez opened his door and a pit bull charged out. One officer opened fire on the dog, the other officer fired on the man allegedly holding a gun in the doorway, pointing it at the men approaching his home. As the Washington Post reported on July 26, it was only after the smoke cleared that the officers made their “heart-dropping discovery: They were at the wrong home.”

Lopez died that night.."

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It's rare for me to link to the National Review, but I completely agree.

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