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Felony charges against inauguration protesters represent ‘historic crossroads’

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"Legal experts say Trump’s ‘law-and-order’ administration is emboldening authorities to crack down on protests in D.C. and beyond.

With multiple felony charges brought against more than 200 people on Inauguration Day, police and prosecutors in the District of Columbia are putting activists on notice that legal protections ingrained in the Constitution may not apply to them, according to legal experts.

This new era of law enforcement is affecting policing tactics beyond Washington. The harsh treatment of protesters in the District since Donald Trump assumed the presidency — with a large number of people who did not engage in violence facing decades in prison for simply taking part in a protest — lets law enforcement officials across the nation know that a tough-on-dissent policy is acceptable, the experts said.

“The federal prosecutor’s office in D.C., by the influence and directives of the Sessions Justice Department, is now engaged in an all-out repression of dissent and sending the message across the country that we are going to crush you,” said Jason Flores-Williams, an attorney who is representing three people who were arrested in Washington on Inauguration Day...."

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"Thinkprogress" - ROFLMAO!!!!!

Try this from a reputable source then state you disagree with felony charges:

"The rioters, wearing all black, armed themselves with hammers, crowbars, metal poles, wooden sticks and other items, prosecutors said. They said the protesters wore masks and goggles to hide their faces.

The indictment includes a nearly minute-by-minute timeline of the movements of the group on Jan. 20.

For instance, prosecutors allege that at 10:30 a.m., two defendants broke out the windows of a limousine parked on K Street Northwest and assaulted its driver.

Five minutes later, according to the indictment, four other defendants broke the windows of a Bank of America branch located in the 1200 block of I Street NW.

The rioting, prosecutors said, lasted about 30 minutes and occurred within 16 city blocks. Six officers were injured."

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The leftists apparently now want a different set of laws to go along with their standards and ethics.

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