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I am a broken record, but I have never seen so many fricking lawyer commercials

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Increase your veteran benefits, get your disability approved, and watch out for those big trucks......I will stand on one.........the best wreck lawyer.

can you say enabling the government least I am getting to see some folks who actually work build the new expansion of 87. I mean I have never seen so many folks looking for a handouts. Does anybody work and take responsibility for themselves or are this lawyer commercials just fricking wasting their time......I think they play to the level of the viewers which is in and of itself horrifying. I remember as a kid commercials for tide and Maytag, but how did an entire region become so dependent on government work.

I did see two separate incidents of people pulling an engine in their front yard today. One had a normal engine lift, the other had built this wood contraption with a pulley and chains, so I fully expect the next lawyer ad to be......faulty engine lift injury lawyer.

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One in particular amuses me from here in Tallahassee. A law firm that has OWNED the outside back page of the telephone book for decades. Of course, they are a slip and fall firm, very large

No one gets or uses a phone book anymore and another firm is eating their lunch on TV, buses, billboards and anything else.

Now the phone book firm is on TV and part of their spiel is that they have won so much money they really don't have to advertise.

Which then begs the obvious question....

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They should just go ahead and film themselves running down the street chasing a ambulance. Nevermind

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A sign of the times. Trump's guru Roy Cohen taught him well. 

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