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Jeb Bush has to like Mexicans because of his wife.....Trump quote

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What a POS.  He deleted the tweet.  It is so over the top....I am beginning to think that this is a plan, but then again.....this kind of stupidity showed its ugly head on the local thread with the commissioner being stopped.  disgusting.

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Ann Coulter: Sharks may dominate the media — but it’s the Mexicans who will really kill you

She would have fit right in on the Mays threads.

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So folks do not think politicians pander to racism.....old seaoat over reacts to the dog whistle.....hell there is nothing dog whistle about these comments.

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Rick Perry needs a new set of glasses to see the crimes of Mexicans......really.....has the Republican Party become a group of seventh graders, or is there a significant part of the Republican Party....Dixiecrats believe these hateful saw our thread on Commissioner Mays......and you thing there are no dog whistles.......

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