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Germans no longer fear Global Warming. In 2006 a majority of 62 percent feared Global Warming now it is 39%

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Keep in mind that East Anglia University and Dr. Phil Jones were at the center of the massive scandal showing many of their records were, shall we say...fudged.  East Anglia was the heart of Global Warming calculations used by the IPCC and debunked by the scandal.  That scandal began in 2010 which shows the Germans are paying attention.

Warming Plateau? Climatologists Face Inconvenient Truth

By Axel Bojanowski, Olaf Stampf and Gerald Traufetter

Data shows global temperatures aren't rising the way climate scientists have predicted. Now the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change faces a problem: publicize these findings and encourage skeptics -- or hush up the figures.

For a quarter of a century now, environmental activists have been issuing predictions in the vein of the Catholic Church, warning people of the coming greenhouse effect Armageddon. Environmentalists bleakly predict global warming will usher in plagues of biblical dimensions -- perpetual droughts, deluge-like floods and hurricanes of unprecedented force.

The number of people who believe in such a coming apocalypse, however, has considerably decreased. A survey conducted on behalf of SPIEGEL found a dramatic shift in public opinion -- Germans are losing their fear of climate change. While in 2006 a sizeable majority of 62 percent expressed a fear of global warning, that number has now become a minority of just 39 percent.

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