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Remember when Global Warmers (errrrrr Climate Changers) said Global Warming would cause larger and more catostrophic hurricanes?

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We've actually not had a major hurricane in nine years.

It has been more than nine years since the U.S. was struck by a major hurricane — Superstorm Sandy did major damage but didn’t qualify meteorologically as a major hurricane. That’s a streak that is so unprecedented that NASA climate scientist Timothy Hall went looking to see if it could be explained by something that has happening with the weather or climate. He found that big storms formed, they just didn’t hit America, coming close and hitting islands in the Caribbean and Mexico. The lack of hurricanes hitting the U.S. “is a matter of luck,” Hall concluded in a peer-reviewed study.

Hospital Bob

Hospital Bob

And because of a strong El Nino developing later in the summer, we're going to have a weak hurricane season this year.
One forecaster put it as weakest since "the mid-20th Century".

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