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Do people hire in the pensacola area in November?

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I am moving to the Pensacola area in the beginning of November. I have 6 years of bartending experience but i don't know what the job market is like. If anyone had any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Any advice will help.


I would go to the different restaurants and clubs as a customer before deciding on WHERE you want to put in an application.. Some are nice quiet places and others are soooo loud you can't hear the waitresses or customers yelling drink orders to you.. Don't forget the clubs or aviation museum on the base....

boards of FL

boards of FL

There are tons of bars here. You will have no problem finding a job. I have a friend (also a bartender) who just recently moved back to Pensacola and found a bartending job day one. Ended up not liking that one and found another one week later. Bartending jobs are plentiful here.

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I doubt Pensacola needs even one more unemployed bartender.

Find a job before you move here.

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