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Extremely Lax Food Safety Regulations in China--Many Chinese Now Importing Food from Foreign Sources

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Food safety scares abound in China...... Some Chinese seek to avoid home-sourced foods.

One mother will only feed her toddler powdered milk imported from Germany, and baby cereal imported from the U.S.

One Chinese consumer would not eat Chinese rice, and purchased rice sourced from Germany.


As the Chinese and Indian middle classes evolve.......their diet choices will also change. The demand for American agricultural products will grow by leaps and bounds. I could have bought 60 acres of farm land for what I paid for eight acres of waterfront........bad choice. Agricultural land is the best bargain for a long term investment in America. Clean air, Clean water, and safe really does not get any better.



We need to worry about American food companies importing Chinese agricultural products the same way we import manufactured goods---because the products are cheaper than homegrown ag products.

If you use McCormick brand garlic powder, the ingredients list states the garlic is a product of China. We need to make sure that stuff isn't just another Chinese drywall crisis waiting to happen......



Also, be careful of things like cheap toothpaste or toothbrushes.

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