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Dick Morris says Benghazi is the end for this admin

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knothead wrote:
bluemoon wrote:I just checked to see if the administration had fallen yet. I usually get my news from Yahoo News during the day. The Benghazi story is number 23 down the page. That seems to be a long way down considering Watergate, Iran Contra and even Bill Clinton's affair.

I just thought I'd mention it.

Although some of the more fervent wingnuts are saying Benghazi is comparable to those events....

You can tell Benghazi is a stick up PaceDog's ass...... He has 8 threads on the first page about it.


LOL, at least Clinton got a BJ which really got the GOP's panties in a wad!!!

You know better but, cute try.

It was all the other corruption, convictions led by the Perjury conviction against President William Jefferson Clinton.



Markle wrote:
Floridatexan wrote:
Markle is right about one thing...I am getting sick and dam tired of this issue. This incident is and was nowhere near the scope of what went on during Bush's tenure. I mention Bush because he was the last sitting POTUS, "elected" by coup and electoral fraud, but hey, who's splitting hairs?

This tragedy has been blown completely out of proportion for political gain...period. The dying GOP is breathing its last gasps, and the desperation is palpable. This is nothing but a witch attempt to discredit the President and his likely successor, should she choose to run. And the timing of the incident makes me suspect that the death of the ambassador was orchestrated by certain fringe elements within the CIA.

As a far left Progressive of course you are tired of this topic. Your problem comes from the fact it isn't just FOX News or the Weekly Standard pushing this story, as you saw today, the ENTIRE WHITE PRESS CORPS has picked up the scent.

Poor Jay Carney had one of the roughest days of his term as Press Secretary. Everything from Benghazi lies to the IRS coming out and admitting they have been targeting Conservative organizations for special scrutiny and delays.

The emails from the White House, during the Benghazi SNAFU, which Jay Carney will not be released, are going to HAVE to be released.

This administration, through TWELVE REVISIONS LIED TO THE PUBLIC. This is supposed to be the MOST TRANSPARENT IN HISTORY. REALLY?

Today, Hillary Clinton was quietly thrown under the bus by Jay Carney. Will she go quietly or will she testify and TELL THE TRUTH.

Why shouldn't the IRS target PAC's that are blatantly flaunting their tax status? I'll tell you who's are. You're the biggest liar on this forum, and did I mention also the biggest loser?

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