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Smear Campaign....

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1  Smear Campaign.... Empty Smear Campaign.... 5/8/2013, 11:28 am



has already begun against these witnesses stepping forward...the State Department has stated they cannot 'vouch for the credibility' of these 'whistleblowers'....The media is and has been quick to scrutinize and dismiss these witnesses....some echo the statement of a democrat representaive that this is a 'witchhunt' (no pun intended towards HRC)...Remember when Cindy Sheehan was stalking President Bush about the death of her son demanding answers...she was glorified by the media and called courageous by some members of Congress...Ms Sheehan was called a patriot for standing up and demanding answers....Guess some of these same folks have now abandoned their principles about respecting those that want answers and/or those that can assist in finding out those answers....

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It's a pattern... the same thing has taken place when any criticism is leveled at obama. Remember fast and furious?

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Are former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency General David Petreaus, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Adm. Michael Mullen, and former Ambassador Thomas Pickering complicit in this coverup?

HINT: They would have to be.

What possible motive could these men have for participating in such a coverup?

SPOILER ALERT: There is none.

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